Omnipresent brands can customize too.

If you thought that only niche, high-value, big-ticket or premium brands could provide customized and personalized experiences, you would be quite wrong. In fact during the summer’s of 2013 and 2014, Coca-Cola the world’s largest beverage company rolled out its ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in 70 countries including the USA and Canada. Who would have though that  a ubiquitous brand such as Coke could be personalized? Well, quite simply Coke replaced their usual branding with a few hundred of the image courtesy www.shareacoke.camost popular names in each respective country. Popular names like John, Ashley, Wong and  Ryan so that at least 40% a country’s population could find their own name or that of someone they knew on a Coke. Which is why the campaign sentiment was on ‘sharing’ in order to broaden the appeal. Let’s face it, thirsty or not, if you found your name on a Coke you couldn’t help but buy it. If you found the name of someone you cared for, then guess what, you had to buy that too! If your parents were the “creative types” who wanted to buck usual naming conventions of the day, the clever marketing team at Coke thought of you too. Let’s say you had a grandma-shocking moniker such as Agape, Simba, North or Rocket you could visit Coke’s website and order a virtual Coke to go. Coke even added generic titles like Mom, Dad, Mate, Dude, Family and BFF, etc. so no one would be left out.

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